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Outback Pub Crawl

Outback Pub Crawl

Have you ever wanted to visit iconic outback pubs such as Daly Waters, Birdsville, William Creek hotel & the Mildura Brewery?
Or fly over Outback NT, Simpson Desert, Lake Eyre, Flinders Ranges and the Murray River?

Vortex Air are offering the ability to see all of this in a 4 day outback charter experience like no other.
Commence your trip at either Melbourne or Darwin and see just how big our country is as you fly over some of the most remote terrain on the planet, see the real Australia and meet some outback legends along the way.

- Beef and Barra on the barbie over live music at Daly Waters Hotel, Northern Territory
- Tick off everyone’s bucket list of a cold beer at the Birdsville Hotel or a camel pie at the Birdsville bakery, Qld
- Taxi your aircraft to the front door of the William Creek Hotel in outback South Australia
- Eat and drink at the famous Stefano’s Mildura Brewery on the Murray River, Victoria

Starting from only $ 2000 per person (Based on a group of 10)

Includes; Flights and Accommodation.

4 Iconic Outback Pubs
4 Great Aussie Landmarks
4 Unforgettable days
4 States/Territories 


Outback Pub Crawl Air Tour from Vortex Air on Vimeo.

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