General FAQ

What's the differance between Air Charter & a Commercial Airline?

Air charter is the business of renting an entire aircraft i.e., chartering) as opposed to individual aircraft seats (i.e., purchasing a ticket through a traditional airline). While the airlines specialise in selling transportation by the seat, Vortex Air focus on individual private aircraft and itineraries, urgent or time-sensitive cargo, air ambulance and any other form of ad hoc air transportation.

Do I have to pay for Car Parking? and is it Secure?

Moorabbin Airport is a security controlled airport, and Vortex Air provide Free Car parking out the front of our building.

How much luggage can i take?

Generally each passenger may take between 5-10 kgs of luggage, however this may varry depending on the amount of passengers and desired destination. Please enquire for an exact ammount.

Are meals included in any of the 'Charters'?

No, meals are not included in your Vortex Air charter package. In some case's breakfast may be arranged.

Are meals included in any of the 'Air Tours'

Yes, most Air Tours conducted through Vortex Air are all-inclusive. Which includes your flights, accommodation and meals.

How big is the Aircraft?

Vortex Air operate a 12 Seater 'Cessna Caravan', a fleet of 9 Seater 'Piper Chieftains' and a 5 Seater 'Beechcraft Baron'. for more information our available aircraft please click here.

Does the Aircraft have 2 engines?

The Cessna Grand Caravan has 1 Engine, all other aircraft currently in operation with Vortex Air have 2 engines.

Will there be 2 Pilots flying the Aircraft?

No, when flying with Vortex Air you will most likely only have one pilot in-command. (In some cases Vortex Air will need to ferry an extra pilot.)

How experienced is the Pilot?

Vortex Air Pilots are trained in-house and are matured through our sister company Tasfast. They fly our multi-engine freighters day and night in all weather conditions. Only then will they be checked to line to fly our passenger charters.

How early do i need to Check-In?

15-30 Minutes prior to your scheduled departure time. Please note: The lounge may not be open if you arrive over an hour early.